Paintball Vest Black Ops Edition Now Available to the Public!

No trooper heads off to war without conveying the fundamentals. Ammunition runs short, gaskets blow, firearms jam, guns, water, dietary enhancements, and more can have the effect among life and passing on the war zone. Customarily, paintball vest have passed on us with much to want. Frail sewing, abnormal pockets, and cumbersome fittings made bringing a vest into fight annoying. On the off chance that this sounds recognizable you will very much love to hear Counter Strike is presently offering their Paintball Vest Black Ops Edition.

Like all Counterstrike Paintball Vests it is developed of hard core denier with 1/2″ inside froth to pad your shoulders from the whole weight of your stuff and it serves doubly as extra chest and back shield. The flexible velcro lashes at the shoulders and midriff guarantee an ideal firm fit. You don’t need a vest skipping around when you are running on the field of battle. The new line can hold up to 6 units and a CO2 tank, which are 6.5 PRC ammo for sale in stock gotten by Velcro. This implies your vest is absolutely adaptable. New highlights found on the Paintball Vest Black Ops Edition incorporate various pockets, a draw down ID/map fold, separable correspondence pocket, and frill rings. Main concern is this new CounterStrike Line has everything. Look at the primary elements beneath:

Principle Features:

Three enormous pockets

Three little pockets

Space for six cases

Tank pocket w/fast delivery getting lash

Flexible Velcro Fitting

Waist bands

Separable wireless/radio pocket

Inside froth for padding

Pull-down map/ID pocket

Assuming that you invest as much energy on the situation field as we do you realize your stuff straightforwardly impacts your pleasure and solace during a drawn out day of fight. The Counter Strike vest has in short order become a number one among our crew.

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